David Szmit


Shot responsibility breakdown:

Intro: Everything

00:08 Vans Off the Wall - skater's 2D animation, all stop motion animation

00:11 Frog Bar - male frog animation and puppet armature

00:16 36DaysOfType - After Effects animation

00:19 Form and Fiction - apart of the animation and rigging team

00:27 Personal - everything

00:29 Artix Entertainment - everything

00:35 Personal - everything

00:38 OMIS Productions - animation and rigging, apart of the set building team

00:42 36DaysOfType - Everything

00:46 - Gravity - Stop Motion block animation

00:48 Wild Eleven - character animation and VFX

00:50 Artix Entertainment - character animation and VFX

00:55 Yule Log 2016 - Stop Motion clay animation

01:01 Form and Fiction - mini puppet fabrication, set design and building, photography and layout

01:05 OMIS - character and vfx animation, apart of the puppet fabrication and set building team

Song is "Thundertruth" by Adebisi Shank.

Special thanks to Evan Anthony, Jeremy Abel, Mercy Lomelin, Andrew Maruska, Ron White, Micheal Dennery and Chris Solada.